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Thursday, December 13 | 10:38 PM | 0 Rain[s]

Go, leave me
I'v become tired of you
please don't bother crying
and just leave me

when i told you i loved you
it was nothing but all lies
just leave when i tell you to go
i'm not the warm and good person you thought
u knew
i'm nothing but a worhless and pathetic girl.

you know that i have no right
to make you shed taers again
don't let your self cry because of me
i'm truly sorry
that you had to love someone like me
i know that it's been hard in you
that i never did anything for you

this is who i am
a girl who cannot even protect his one love
and can only send you off
please just curse at me and tear me down instead
i've done nothing
but give you pain and much suffering
next time, let your family meet someone you can be proud of, a worthy guy
that is all i hope for

and so thank you
far loving someone as worthless as me
couse as i was loving you
i finally wanted to live out my life
yes, i did love you
meet a good girl please
and leave me far behind
so that you can live happilly

..sincerely from my heart .

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